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Ezisurg Thoracic Academic Webinar Series-1st Episode

Held by Ezisurg Medical, the 1st episode of Thoracic Academic Webinar Series ended on December 2. The theme of the conference "Opportunities and challenges for thoracic surgery in recent years" was widely applauded by industry scholars. This conference aims to promote exchange and cooperation between international experts and scholars in the field of thoracic surgery and demonstrate the cutting-edge techniques and important progress in this field.

Ezisurg Medical invited Dr. Cheng Xinghua from China as the moderator, and invited 3 internationally renowned speakers: Dr. Ziad Mansour of Lebanon, Dr. Karim Meskouri of Algeria, and Dr. Ahmed Mostafa of Egypt.

Dr. Ziad Mansour's presentation was titled "History of minimally invasive thoracic surgery in Lebanon". By sharing previous surgical scar images, he introduced the history of minimally invasive thoracic surgery in Lebanon, and proposed that with the development of new products, the postoperative scars became smaller and patients recovered more quickly. He is also looking forward to future research and development of thoracic surgical products.

Dr. Karim Meskouri reported on "Establishment of a minimally invasive thoracic surgery program in emerging countries". By sharing a video of previous procedures, he said V.A.T.S is a safe and beneficial method compared to thoracotomy. But for the emerging countries, it is difficult to follow and need relatively long learning period. Furthermore, he said that video-assisted surgery method should be acquired in order to optimize procedures.

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa's report title was "Starting a Lung Transplantation Program in Egypt. Is it possible? "According to clinical cases, he indicated that an adult's lobe could be too big for children. But compensatory techniques can be used, such as single lobe transplantation with or without contralateral pneumonectomy, delayed chest closure, implanting middle lobe and so on.

During the discussion session, 4 experts exchanged opinions and answered questions on topics such as advantages of minimally invasive thoracic surgery over conventional surgical techniques and prospects for minimally invasive thoracic surgery. After the conference, many experts and scholars expressed their thanks for being invited to participate in international academic exchanges.