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Ezisurg Bariatric Webinar Series-9th Episode

Bariatric surgery may reduce severity of COVID-19 in patients with obesity

Held by Ezisurg Medical, the 9th episode of Bariatric Webinar Series ended on November 11. The conference theme was “Bariatric surgery may reduce severity of COVID-19 in patients with obesity”, Ezisurg Medical was honored to invite five important experts in bariatric surgery to show their unique insights for the audience.

Ezisurg Medical invited Prof. Mohamed Abouzeid from Egypt as the moderator, and invited four internationally renowned speakers: Dr. Zdenko Boras of Croatia, Prof. Giovanni Lesti of Italy, Prof. Hlinnik Aleksey of Belarus and Dr. Marcello Avallone of Italy.

Dr. Zdenko Boras's presentation was titled "Prior bariatric surgery in COVID positive patients be protective?" He concluded that adipose tissue reduction, improvement in inflammation and better respiratory function could be key mechanisms related to the protective effect of bariatric surgery in COVID-19 infection.

Prof. Giovanni Lesti's presentation was entitled "Bariatric Surgery in COVID era". He said in bariatric surgery there are big advantages in using a restrictive device for the gastric outlet in GBP, and with the development of new implants specially designed for this particular purpose, it will be easier to popularize the laparoscopic banded technique.

Dr. Marcello Avallone's report title was "COVID-19 and Bariatric Surgery: What to do?" He concluded that CT angiography is necessary in patients with previous  COVID-19 infection.

Prof. Hlinnik Aleksey's presentation was entitled "Bariatric Surgery in the context of COVID-19 infection in the Minsk Centre for Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology". He described two cases, noting that obese patients are a special category who may have more severe COVID-19 infection, and that vaccination in bariatric patients is a prerequisite for considering the possibility of their intervention.

During the discussion session, four experts exchanged opinions and answered questions on topics including positive effects of bariatric surgery, preoperative safety measures and precautions during bariatric surgery and so on. After the conference, the experts expressed their thanks for being invited to participate in international academic exchanges.