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Ezisurg Medical Shows Minimally Invasive Surgery Experiences in the 27th Europea

The largest thoracic surgery focused meeting in the world - the 27th European Society of Thoracic Surgeons (ESTS) was held in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday. Ezisurg Medical Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Ezisurg Medical), a leading medical device company from China, was invited to the conference and shared medical experience with the world.

"In China, the quality of health care through minimally invasive surgical approaches has improved dramatically in the last ten years, so there is a higher degree of clinical capability available through Chinese hospitals. That also comes with the improvement of Chinese surgeons," said Larry Hayes, the vice president of Ezisurg Medical who attended the meeting.

At last year ESTS, many thoracic surgery experts proposed the concept of “GO EAST” to learn minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer. They praised the minimally invasive surgery technology for lung cancer in China. Liu Lunxu, Vice President and director of thoracic surgery of West China Hospital,Sichuan University, also pointed out that minimally invasive surgery in thoracic surgery in China has led the international level in many aspects.

According to the data posted by Liu Lunxu, the proportion of minimally invasive surgery in Chinese tertiary hospitals reached 70%, while the proportion in the United States was just over 40%, and Europe was only 25% in 2016.

The Chinese minimally invasive thoracic surgeries in hospitals also improved with the help of medical devices. In recent years, many big Chinese tertiary hospitals began to choose home-made cutting-edge medical devices rather than imported devices. The Ezisurg Medical product is one of the famous examples.

Ezisurg Medical devices can be superior in terms of how the device provides procedural flexibility and how the device provides the surgeon with increased options during the surgical approach,” Larry explained. With the high quality of Ezisurg Medical Devices, the company has provided devices in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

“Fee for value will replace fee for service in the future, Ezisurg Medical will spend millions of dollars on incubation of research and develop, and finally help the company leaders from the front in the international market,” said Larry. For the future, Chinese companies will keep working on improving the quality and the technique of medical devices, providing better solutions at a lower cost, and always focusing on innovation for the minimally invasive surgeries.