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Our Capabilities

Ezisurg believes R&D and Quality Management as our core capabilities.

Technical innovation has ensured Ezisurg’s leading position in promoting new techniques for minimally invasive surgery. Our research team is committed to exploring better solutions, creating clinical value, focusing on details, and ensuring the very highest quality.

Through our innovative R&D center, Ezisurg applies cutting-edge scientific concepts and technologies to create integrated innovation of materials and techniques.

Ezisurg has two large production facilities in Shanghai and Suzhou. Cleanrooms at GMP 100,000 Grade, automated production lines, Andon system for lean manufacturing and an efficient quality management system have laid the cornerstone for the outstanding quality.

 Ezisurg Medical attaches great importance to independent innovation. We have applied for more than 140 patents in total including over 50 international patents and 90+ trademarks.

We build Quality Management System in accordance with ISO13485 Standard. Our complete quality control not only covers in self-manufacturing process, but also involves production from our vendors and suppliers’ ends.