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Globalization | Ezisurg Medical’s Staplers Approved in Saudi Arabia

Ezisurg Medical’s staplers have been approved by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority recently. This is the latest achievement made in Ezisurg Medical’s international sector, soon after finishing CE and FDA certification or registration.

The approved easyEndoTM Lite series staplers include circular staplers and linear staplers, which are mainly employed in minimally invasive surgeries. Surgical operations such as surgical oncology, gastric volume reduction and pneumothorax surgery, are frequently involved in the digestive, respiratory, and urinary systems, etc.

About SFDA: Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) aims to ensure food and drug safety for the nation. Following SFDA regulations, overseas medical device manufacturers must appoint a local representative to complete the registration process and go through SFDA assessment of security, efficacy, and quality.

Ezisurg Medical

The mission of Ezisurg Medical is to materialize technological innovation, deliver quality products, and build a high-end Chinese brand renowned internationally.

Ezisurg Medical focuses on the revolution that bears great clinical value and benefits in the health economy. Committed to providing better medical technologies, products, and services for doctors and patients worldwide, Ezisurg Medical offers solutions to governments as well as commercial and public institutions in many countries.