Jun. 27, 2024

Breaking News | EziSurg's Single-use Digital Ureteroscope Approved for Domestic Market!

Recently, EziSurg's single-use digital ureteroscope easyScopy™ Uro Pro, received the medical device registration certificate from the Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration. Following the recent approval of the single-use digital cystoscope , this is the second endoscopic product approved in the urology field by EziSurg this month. This further enriches the company's product and solution offerings in the optical imaging field, providing doctors with more choices for precise treatment.


EziSurg's Single-use Digital Ureteroscope easyScopy™  Uro Pro


This product is composed of an electronic endoscope catheter and accessories, including a software component (release version V1). The electronic endoscope catheter consists of the distal end, bending section, insertion section, operation section, and connecting section. The accessory is a three-way locking valve. The product is used with the medical endoscope image processor (models ESP20 and ESP30) produced by the company, providing images through a video monitor for the observation, diagnosis, and treatment of the ureter, renal pelvis, bladder, and urethra. It is not compatible with high-frequency accessories.


The product features several highlights:


1. Lightweight handle design, easy to hold, suitable for both left and right-hand use;


2. Excellent imaging quality with 16w HD pixels, 2-100mm super large depth of field, and 120° wide field of view, expanding the intraoperative visual range, improving diagnostic efficiency, and reducing missed diagnoses;

3. The distal end features a wedge-shaped soft design for smoother insertion and more efficient endoscopy;


4. It can achieve  275° deflection in both direction in the tip, easily addressing small IPA renal lower calyx stones;


5. The outer diameter of the insertion section is a uniform 7.5Fr (φ2.5mm), providing ample irrigation space during surgery, significantly improving stone clearance rates;


6. The handle front end has a left/right 60° rotation function design, assisting surgeons with fine-tuning angles and reducing large hand movements.


The Chinese domestic approval of the single-use digital ureteroscope not only fully demonstrates the company's technical strength in the field of disposable endoscopes but also provides more advanced tools and options for the diagnosis and treatment in urology. EziSurg will continue to promote clinically valuable and health-economic technology innovations, providing high-quality products and solutions for doctors and patients worldwide.

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