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Ezisurg Bariatric Webinar Series-10th Episode

Held by Ezisurg Medical, the 10th episode of Bariatric Webinar Series ended on December 9. The conference theme was “Amount of weight regain after bariatric surgery helps predict health risks”. Ezisurg Medical was honored to invite 5 important experts in bariatric surgery to discuss and put forward specific professional suggestions. This conference aims to promote the exchange and cooperation among international experts and scholars in the field of bariatric surgery. Many experts and scholars discussed the development trend and innovation of bariatric surgery research from various perspectives.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Haris Khwaja from UK while 4 internationally renowned speakers delivered academic reports respectively: Mr. Rishi Singhal from UK, Mr. Tzvetkov Ivaylo from UK, Dr. Andrii S. Klimas from Ukraine and Dr. Wael Shaalan from Egypt.

Mr. Rishi Singhal's presentation was entitled "Amount of weight regain after bariatric surgery helps predict health risks". Combining the analysis of actual cases and data, he concluded that patients with comorbidities had more weight regain, and it is important to maintain weight (BMI below 30kg/m2) in the long term to guarantee better metabolic control.

Mr. Tzvetkov Ivaylo's presentation was called "Management of weight regain after sleeve gastrectomy and Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass". He put forward that pouch resizing has been shown to be a valuable option in the short term for weight loss failure or regain in patients who have undergone laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and have a dilated gastric pouch. However, the long-term efficacy of this procedure remains to be verified.

Dr. Andrii S. Klimas's report title was "Modern options for esophageal cancer treatment". He concluded that neoadjuvant treatment could dramatically improve overall survival for esophageal cancer.

The title of Dr. Wael Shaalan's presentation was "Conservative and procedureless management of contained leak after sleeve gastrectomy". He listed common symptoms of contained leak after sleeve gastrectomy such as tachycardia, left shoulder pain, fever and vomiting and so on. He proposed the concept of procedureless management, and it is conservative and non-interventional management pops up to be feasible and effective treatment in selected patients.

During the discussion, several experts exchanged opinions and answered questions on topics such as relieve postoperative complications and common symptoms of contained leak after sleeve gastrectomy. After the conference, many experts and scholars expressed their thanks for being invited to participate in international academic exchanges.