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Ezisurg ME-EU Colorectal Webinar Series-2nd Episode

The 2nd episode of Ezisurg Medical Middle East - European Colorectal Webinar Series was successfully held on November 4, 2021, attracting more than 4400 participants joining online.

The symposium aims to promote exchange and cooperation between international experts and scholars in the field of colorectal cancer, and demonstrate the cutting-edge surgical methods and important progress in this field.

Ezisurg Medical was honored to invite Prof. Hany Maurice from Egypt to be the moderator, and five internationally renowned speakers were invited to deliver academic reports respectively: Prof. Sara Al Bastaki from UAE, Prof. Benoist Stephane from France, Prof. Bernhard Dauser from Austria, Prof. Goran Barisic from Serbia and Prof. Beata Hemmelova from Czech.

Prof. Sara Al Bastaki's presentation was on "Challenging Cases in Colorectal Surgeries". She showed us seven practical cases with certain difficulties in colorectal surgeries, described the specific countermeasures and the whole process of the surgery, and discussed with Prof. Bernhard Dauser and Prof. Goran Barisic on the surgical countermeasures.

Prof. Benoist Stéphane’s report was "Rectal dissection and coloanal anastomosis in obese patients with narrow pelvis". By demonstrating a video of the operation using the Ezisurg stapler, Prof. Benoist Stephane said that the operation for obese patients with narrow pelvis is the hardest step. He also shared with the audience the techniques of rectal surgeries, for instance, to use endoscopic linear stapler with big articulation, and do not touch the rectal stump and fashion the stapled anastomosis through well vascularized area of rectal stump.

Prof. Goran Barisic's presentation was entitled "Laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy in rectal prolapse treatment". He introduced the development of colorectal surgery’s treatment, the purpose of the rectal prolapse surgery and the significance of its development in the future. By tracking many patients, he came to a conclusion: LVR is an effective treatment for external and symptomatic internal rectal prolapse in men, but has no significant effect for patients with significant perineal descent and denervated pelvic floor.

Prof. Beata Hemmelová’s speech topic was "Various Techniques for Rectal Prolapse in elderly patients". Starting with the causes of different situations, she talked about various surgical solutions and shared several surgical tips for colorectal prolapse with the audience by demonstrating videos of past surgeries.

Prof. Bernhard Dauser’s presentation topic was "Robotic rectal cancer surgery - Hope or Hype?" According to data comparison, he concluded that robotic rectal cancer surgery in obese patients may lead to better short-term outcomes when compared to laparoscopy.

During the discussion session, several experts exchanged opinions and answered questions on topics including the potential ischemic zone of rectal stump in the ring of stapler coloanal anastomosis, clinical evaluation of colorectal cancer surgery, and surgical management of colorectal prolapse. After the conference, the experts expressed their thanks for being invited to participate in this international academic exchange.

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