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Ezisurg Medical presented at the European Bariatric Endoscopic Surgery Congress

On 23-24th September, 2021, the annual European Bariatric Endoscopic Surgery Trends (BEST) was successfully held in Montpellier, France. The BEST congress adopted a unique mode of online and offline access, bringing global experts and scholars together to discuss the cutting-edge progress in the field of bariatric surgery. Ezisurg Medical was honored to become the platinum partner of BEST, and provided a communication platform for bariatric experts and scholars.

Ezisurg Medical’s Offline Booth

The booth set up by Ezisurg Medical in the BEST Exhibition hall is equipped with innovative product samples, such as easyEndo™ Lite Linear Cutting Staplers and Loading Units for Single Use, and easyEndo™ Universal Linear Cutting Stapler and Loading Units for Single Use, which caught many experts and scholars’ eyes. They were involved in a heated discussion about the trial experience of each product and advantages in clinical operation.

Ezisurg Medical’s Symposium

The symposium sponsored by Ezisurg Medical invited Prof. Bruno Dillemans from Belgium and Prof. Antonio Torres from Spain as the chair. Prof. Paulina Salminen of Finland, Prof. David Nocca and Prof. Patrick Noel of France presented academic reports respectively.

Prof. Paulina Salminen's report was titled "SLEEVEPASS trial: 10-years results". She showed that the incidence of esophagitis recorded in recent years after LSG and LRYGB was 30.7% and 7.1% respectively, while the incidence of Barrett's was 4.4% and 3.5%.

Prof. David Nocca's presentation was titled "Nissen-Sleeve Gastrectomy: Mid-terms Results". He shared two videos of previous operations and stated that Nissen-Sleeve Gastrectomy is a safe and effective option currently, but it must be performed in the lower esophagus not at GE connections. He believes that while long-term observation and evaluation are required for Nissen-Sleeve Gastrectomy, it will be the inevitable trend in future bariatric surgery.

Prof. Patrick Noel presented the report "Bariclip: Weight loss and Complications". By observing the use of Bariclip in 55 patients from Mexico and Dubai, he found that Bariclip had no adverse effects on the clipped tissue, and did not cause GERD or obstruction.

After the report, online and offline experts and scholars had a deep discussion on abovementioned practices and learnings.With the help of BEST congress, Ezisurg Medical is proactively involved in communication with global medical experts about weight-loss surgery to jointly promote the further development of bariatric surgery treatment.