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IBC Webinar | Ezisurg Medical Joined the 46th IBC Webinar Series

Sept. 28th, 2021 - the 46th online webinar series, "The Ezisurg Stapler under the Microscope" was widely applauded by industry insiders. By inviting renowned experts across the globe to share their insights into cutting-edge technologies, the webinar series aimed to foster strong healthcare collaboration between Ezisurg and prestigious professors.

Prof. Estuardo Behrens (Guatemala) and Prof. Arial Ortiz-Lagardere (USA) chaired the webinar. Prof. Laurent Layani (UAE) and Prof. Edward Lin from (USA) were the moderators. Prof. Hayssam Fawal (Lebanon), Prof. Osama Taha (Egypt), and Prof. Bassem Safadi (Qatar) were invited to give academic talks.

Experts had a thorough discussion on the global obesity epidemic. Prof. Hayssam Fawal delivered a presentation titled "Ezisurg Stapler in Sleeve Gastrectomy." He expressed his concerns that obesity has become a disease affecting one-third of the world's population. Therefore, surgeons would prefer using top-performing products in scientific research and from companies that offer good value for money and training, etc.

Prof. Osama Taha's report, "Ezisurg Stapler in Minigastric Bypass," compared the intraoperative performance of Ezisurg and other brands with data and videos of previous surgeries. He expressed his appreciation for Ezisurg’s heavy investment in scientific research and great support of bariatric science.

In his lecture "A Comparison of Costs of Laparoscopic Linear Staplers from China," Prof. Bassem Safadi pointed out that surgical instruments take up a huge part of surgery costs, bariatric surgery in particular, where linear staplers are the major expense. Prof. Safadi said that products from Chinese companies are cost-effective, best in quality, and favorable in prices. However, he also reminded us that lowering the price of surgical devices must not reduce its safety standards.

In the discussion session, Prof. Zhang Peng (China), Prof. Tadeja Pinter (Slovenia), Prof. Antonio C. Jamel (Brazil), Prof. Tomasz Rogula (USA), and other experts talked about Ezisurg’s product line, recycling of staplers, anastomosis leakage, and more.

Ezisurg will continue its efforts to build international academic platforms, promote academic exchanges at home and abroad, and offer more valuable options for bariatric surgeries.

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